Deciduous Forest

By: Valerie Cormier, Karen Gonzales,Yesbel Gonzalez, and Eduardo Granados

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The word "deciduous" means leaves fallin off or out at a certain season. This explains why it's called a deciduous forest beacause the leaves from the trees fall off in the winter. Deciduous forest can be found in the eastern half of North America, middle of Europe, Asia, Southwest Russia, Japan, Eastern China, Southern Chile, Paraguay, New Zeland and Australia. There are five different zones. The first zone is the Tree Stratum zone. It contains trees such as Oak, Beech, Maple, Chestnut, Hickory, Elm, Basswood, Linen, and Walnut. This zone has a height of 60 and 100 ft. Small tree and Sampling zone is the second zone. This zone has a young and short trees. The third zone is the Shrub zone. Some Shrubs are rhododendrons, azaleas, mountain laurel, and huckleberries. The herb zone is the fourth zone. It contains short plants such as herbal plants. The fifth zane is the ground zone. It contains lichen, club mosses, and true mosses. It also has four distinct seasons, winter (cold and frosty), summer( hot and humid), fall(cool and breezy), and spring(warm and brezzy). A lot of the forest have lost lands to farms and towns. The soil is very fertile some of the great agricultural regionsare found in this biome. This is one of the reasons there aren't a lot of original deciduous forest left in the world. Most forest have been cleared for agriculture.


In the Deciduous forest winters are extremely cold.It receives alot of snow and the soil freezes killling any plants. The average winter temperature is 30 degrees F. The plants begin to grow, snow melts, and temperature rises to 55 degrees F in the spring. This biome receives most of its rain in the spring but it rains all yaer long ( 30 to 60 in of rain each year). In the summer it gets realy hot (76 degrees F) and fall/autumn temperature cools down to 50 degrees F. the leaves trun colors( red, orange, yellow) and fall in autumn. (NEEDHAM)

Energy Flow:

The energy flow in the Deciduous Forest insists of tress, consumers and predators. The Cougar and the bears found in the forest are the predators of everything in here. these animals also eat fruit and berries from wild bushes that are grown.
In the warm weathers, the trees grow along with colorful flowers, and plant reproduction occurs.
Seeing how the food web is a very important part of the living animals in the forest, it is what they are adapted to and have to live in.
Some of the energy comes birds flying through the forest.Because the birds are both kinds of consumers, they are able to carry energy throughout the forest. When investigating the birds, they found that the birds hibernate during certain seasons to keep the energy level at a constant, for reproduction. These birds do this on a yearly basis. Along with that, the yearly energy flow was estimated with a field data for the birds.


Along with the food web, the energy pyramid is also an important way to find out about the animals and what they eat, along with the groups that they belong to.There are three levels to this pyramid that consist of predators along with herbivores. some of the producers that grow are grasslands, flowers, trees with berries, and some other fruits. Depending on the rainfall and sunlight that gets to the grounds of this forest, is determining how long these fruits will grow. in some areas there are microclimates, which are great for the newts, frogs and fish.
Both of the consumers eat insects and seeds, which are also available in this forest. The omnivores tend to like the organic foods, like grasses, mushrooms, berries, and small animals that have already been killed, for high protein.
The four trophic levels of this food web: primary producers (plants), primary producers (herbivores), secondary consumers, and tertiary consumer is identical to the food web with the Tundra and deserts. Each of those levels know where to get there food, and what they like from their choice.


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Animals in the deciduous forest:

  • The animals adapt to the climate by hibernating in the winter and livin off the land in the other three seasons. Also by trying the plants to see if they are good to eat for a good supply of food. They also adapt to the forest to the forest beacuse the trees provide shelter. Animals also use trees for food and water sources. Most animals are camouflaged to look like the ground.

Image:Bald Eagle Haliaeetus leucocephalus Body 2000px.jpg
Image:Bald Eagle Haliaeetus leucocephalus Body 2000px.jpg

-Bald eagle
-American black bear
-Eastern chipmunk
-European red squirrel

-Fat dormouse
-White-tailed deer
-Gray squirrels
-Mice racoons
-Many types of insects

*Beech *Birch
*Lime *Oak
  • Maple *Sweet gum
  • Oxlip *Bluebells
Carpet moss
Lady fern

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